Lifetime Warranty


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Who backs the lifetime warranty?
The Lifetime Warranty is backed by Easy Care which was founded 27 years ago and has paid out over 2.7 billion dollars in claims to our customers and currently has over 2.8 million active contracts. With the only A+ BBB rated company in the industry like that behind the Lifetime Warranty, you can buy with complete peace of mind!

Which vehicles come with the Lifetime Warranty?
The Warranty applies to all new vehicles.

How long is the Lifetime Warranty really good for?
The Lifetime Warranty is valid for as long as you own the vehicle – for an unlimited time, unlimited miles.

Can I get the Lifetime Warranty at another dealer in the area?
No. Executive Auto Group has been chosen as the select dealer group in Central Connecticut to offer this Lifetime Warranty.

How much will it cost?
Zero. We are earning “Customers for Life” at Executive Auto Group, so the Lifetime Warranty comes standard with every qualifying vehicle meeting the criteria above and is included at no extra charge.

Is there any extra maintenance required to maintain the warranty?
No extra maintenance is required. You must simply follow the manufacturer’s Recommended Maintenance as referred to in the owner’s manual.

Do I have to have all of my service completed at an Executive Auto Group store?
No. Executive Auto Groups Award Winning Service Departments will certainly exceed your expectations, but you are not required to come back to them. To maintain the Warranty, you must simply perform the Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and keep your records. It is that easy!

Where am I covered by the Lifetime Warranty?
The Lifetime Warranty is good at any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.

Is the Lifetime Warranty transferable if I sell the vehicle?
No. The Lifetime Warranty stays with the owner as long as they own the vehicle.

Is there a high deductible?
No. $100 is the only amount you pay for covered repairs per covered component. If your cost is a warranty deductible charge imposed by the vehicle manufacturer, this Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty will pay for the manufacturer’s deductible.

What’s the catch?
There are no catches, hidden fees, or gimmicks. Executive Auto Group provides this product as an added value to our customers for doing business with us. The only “catch”? You have to buy your vehicle here!

What’s covered under the Lifetime Warranty?

Engine: All internal, lubricated parts. Cylinder Block; Cylinder Head(s); Harmonic Balancer; Timing Chain, Timing Belt, Balance Shaft, Gears, Pulleys, Guides and Tensioners; Oil Pump; Intake and Exhaust Manifold; Diesel Engine Vacuum Pump; Engine Mounts. The following parts are covered only if damaged by the Failure of an internal, lubricated part: Cylinder Barrels, Timing Chain Cover, Valve Covers, Oil Pan and Rotor Housing.

Transmission/Transfer Case: All internal, lubricated parts. Flywheel; Transmission Mounts; Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder. The following parts are covered only if damaged by the Failure of an internal, lubricated part: Transmission Case, Oil Pan and Transfer Case.

Automatic Transmission/Transfer Case: All internal, lubricated parts. Flex Plate; Vacuum Modulator; Transmission Mounts. Torque Converter if internally damaged. The following parts are covered only if damaged by the Failure of an internal, lubricated part: Transmission case, Oil Pan and Transfer case.

Drive Axel (Front/Rear): All internal lubricated parts. Drive Shafts; Axle Bearing; Drive Axles, Stub Axles, Tripod Joints: Universal Joints; Constant Velocity Joints and Boots; Locking Hub Assembly. Drive Axle housing if damaged due to the Failure of an internal, lubricated part.

Seals and Gaskets: Seals and Gaskets on all covered parts.

Taxes and Fluids: State and local taxes, where applicable, and all fluids as required as part of a covered repair.